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The Sound Of A Baby Bee

The Bears And The Bees first began conception with a couple of small doodles. I had been playing around with Unity's 2D engine, and subsequently needed sprites to use within the scene. I had already conceptualised a 2D character a month or two before, that I'd played around with, but wanted a fresh start with a consistent theme to use in a project.

For a reason that is now lost to me, bees cropping up in pop culture and merchandise was something that had become a strange in-joke between me and my wife. "Of course!" I would shriek regularly, "working with a bee as a playable character just makes sense!" This also lends itself to my artistic abilities quite nicely. So, drawing bees can be easy, but what noises does a bee make?

I decided that the best way to encapsulate the sound a bee would make when jumping, would be to record a different little-furry-spiky monster that I knew.

So yes, my cat landed his first voice acting gig, and helped me develop the cuteness of my protagonist. Thank you Mister Cat.

While this isn't the only bee sound heard in the game, it is certainly the most prominent. This was also a win as I didn't get stung once while recording it!